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>>NOC for Humayun Kabir, DGM(Admin)|| Download
>>NOC for Mohammad Noor Nabi, Comp. Operator|| Download
>>NOC for Mohammad Saiful Islam, Sr. Branch Officer|| Download
>>NOC for MD. Rafiqul Islam, Admin Officer|| Download
>>NOC for Md. Jashim Uddin, ACAO|| Download

Sl. Subject Sell Date Close Date Details
1. Tender for purchase of Ambulance(CBU) 04/09/2014 01/10/2014 Download
2. Tender for purchase of Duble Cabin Pick-up(CBU) 04/09/2014 01/10/2014 Download
3. Tender for purchase of Microbus(CBU) - 12 seats 28/05/2014 02/07/2014 Download
4. Tender for purchase of Microbus(CBU) - 15 seats 28/05/2014 02/07/2014 Download
5. Tender for purchase of Dano Milk Powder - 2kg packs 28/05/2014 23/06/2014 Download
6. Tender for purchase of Tire/Tube sets 28/05/2014 23/06/2014 Download
7. Tender for purchase of Pajero Sports Accessories 18/05/2014 02/06/2014 Download
8. Tender for purchase(Double/Single Cabin Pick-up & others) 12/05/2014 17/06/2014 Download
9. Tender for purchase(Pajero Sport AC Refre. R-143, Milk Powder & Building repairing) 25/11/2014 10/12/2014 Download
10. Tender for purchase workers dress, leather shoe and stocking 29/12/2014 12/01/2015 Download
11. Tender for build a Shade at PIL Factory 06/05/2015 26/05/2015 Download
12. Tender for Invitation For Pre-qualification 11/06/2015 08/07/2015 Download
13. Tender for purchase 50 units Double Cabin Pickup in CBU condition 28/06/2015 29/07/2015 Download
14. Tender for purchase Folk Lift 31/10/2015 30/11/2015 Download
15. Tender for printing the wall Calendar(2016). 31/10/2015 11/11/2015 Download
16. Tender for purchase of auxiliary materials of CR45 & Photocopiser Machine. 26/11/2015 14/12/2015 Download
17. Tender for purchase of Woker dress , Refrigerant R-134 A for CR45 & Tyre with tube. 17/12/2015 04/01/2016 Download
18. Tender for purchase of Auxiliary materials of CR45 & AC Gas Charging Machine. 30/03/2016 18/04/2016 Download
19. Tender for purchase of Auxiliary materials of CR45 & QX. 22/08/2016 04/09/2016 Download
20. Tender for construction a new shade(1968 sq. ft.)) at factory. 29/08/2016 22/09/2016 Download
21. Tender for Roof maintanance work & construction of Boundary wall 19/02/2017 26/02/2017 Download
22. Tender for appoint of C&F agent. 15/03/2017 11/04/2017 Download
23. Tender for purchasing of auxiliary materials of pajero sport CR45 & QX. 27/03/2017 10/04/2017 Download
24. Tender for lnvitation for Appointment of Pre-Shipment and Post Landing Inspection Agent 28/09/2017 08/11/2017 Download
25. Procurement of 150 units SUV Jeep in CBU condition 09/01/2018 20/02/2018 Download
26. corrigendum Notice for Procurement of 150(One hundred fifty) units SUV Jeep - - Download
27. Tender Form download here-> Forms

News & Events:

Pragati Industries Limited (PIL), the country’s lone state-run automobile assembling industry, formally started marketing Mitsubishi's most modern Pajero Sports (CR 45) jeep on 14 sept,2011. The locally assembled jeep is now open for sale, Industries Minister Dilip Barua told a press conference at Progati’s Tejgaon office. Industries Secretary KH Masud Siddiqui, Chairman of Bangladesh Steel and Engineering Corporation M Abu Hafiz and Managing Director of Pragati Industries Limited Engineer Mohammad Ali Chowdhury were present. The facilities of Mitsubishi pajero sports CR-45, manufactured with the most modern technology, is far more than the facilities of Pajero V-31. The fuel expenditure is less and this is more comfortable comparatively. Bangladesh Government has been trying to transform Pragati Industries ltd into a profitable vehicle manufacturing organization with proper management to export vehicle in abroad after fulfilling the domestic need.